Over the past years, the agriculture industry has undergone many changes with the rise of novel more performant technologies to produce better yields. The pandemic has also brought to the forefront the need for continuous local food security. Greenhouse operations are becoming an increasing focal point for public policy.  With expanding interests for both food and non-food crop growing operations in greenhouse environments, but with the limitations of the current economy, growers on an optimized budget are looking for user-friendly, eco-friendly tools to meet their needs.

OXWELL Solutions offers to the agricultural marketplace the Auxô™ Station

An on-site free available chlorine (FAC) production system with a paradigm-shifting, pay-per-use business model. With low upfront costs,
the model frees up sorely needed funds for other pressing capital expenditures.

Auxô™ Station

Our standard Auxô™ Station configuration produces 1000 ppm FAC from either a sodium chloride (NaCl) or a potassium chloride (KCl) solution.  However, leveraging our company’s know-how and our patented clean, "Made-in-Canada" electrotechnology, the easy-to-operate Auxô™ Station can be configured to meet your precise FAC solution specifications. 

Peace Of Mind Guaranteed

With remote 24/7 monitoring, and with rapid technical support the Auxô™ Station provides you with peace-of-mind in addressing your challenges for this dynamic economy



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