• 99,99% effective against the human coronavirus in 60 seconds
  • No personal protective equipment (PPE) required
  • No fragrances or toxic ingredients added
  • Does not produce any toxic vapors, nor leave dangerous or environmentally hazardous residues
  • Does not irritate the skin
  • Among the lowest priced Ready-to-Use (RTU) products in the marketplace

Other disinfecting products

  • Longer dwell times make it impractical for frequent daily use
  • Additional cost and procedures needed to apply
  • Potential respiratory irritants or lingering nuisance odors
  • May stain surfaces or leave damaging residue
  • May irritate skin and mucosal
  • Often requires mixing, measuring, and trained technicians to administer
What is hypochlorous acid?

Hypochlorous acid (chemical formula: HOCl) is a form of active chlorine and is the active ingredient in OXWELL™. In fact, HOCl is a substance found in the human body, more specifically the substance our white blood cells produce to fight off infections. HOCl is also the active ingredient in electrolyzed water, which is an industrial technology used for “green” cleaning and disinfection. Hypochlorous acid is used in the institutional world for wound care, eye care products and for eradicating biofilm.

Is OXWELL™ effective against coronavirus?

Yes, OXWELL™ is 99.99% effective against the human coronavirus in 60 seconds

Is OXWELL™ gentle on skin?

Yes. HOCl is a powerful ingredient, but as such, requires a very small concentration (0.0367%) to be efficient, at least 10 times lower than the active ingredient in bleach and javel water.

What are the differences between OXWELL™ and bleach / javel water?

Both OXWELL™ and javel water use active chlorine as a means to attack pathogens. But javel water, with sodium hypochlorite (chemical formula: NaOCl) as the active ingredient, requires much higher concentrations of NaOCl (0.5+%, > 10x) to achieve the same level of performance as OXWELL™.

How is OXWELL™ "environmentally-friendly"?

OXWELL™ consists primarily of water (> 99%) and salt. Our patented electrolysis process transforms a small fraction of the salt to HOCl, a low carbon footprint process. Moreover, once applied, OXWELL™ leaves no chemical residues on surfaces.

What are the directions for use?

OXWELL™ is perfect for cleaning non-porous surfaces, chairs, windows, door handles, furniture, etc. The best way to use it is to spray it on surfaces, let the product work, and then use a clean cloth to wipe the area.

Can I use OXWELL™ in cold temperatures?

Yes, OXWELL™ can be used at temperatures above freezing (0°C). OXWELL™ should not be frozen, nor used on frozen surfaces.

Can the product be used on hands instead of disinfecting gel?

Though OXWELL™ is safe for contact with the skin, OXWELL™ is not approved for use as a hand sanitizer.

Can it be sprayed without personal protective equipment (PPE)?

Yes, OXWELL™ is a safe and non-toxic and can be sprayed without specific PPE.

Is OXWELL™ safe for kids?

Though OXWELL™ is mild and non-toxic, toys or objects should be rinsed or wiped with water after exposure to OXWELL™ before being handled by children.

What are the storage guidelines?

OXWELL™ should be stored out of kids’ reach, at room temperature, away from sunlight. Warmer temperatures (> 25°C) or direct sunlight exposure will reduce the amount of active ingredient, HOCl, in OXWELL™, and thus its efficacy.

Does OXWELL™ have a scent?

OXWELL™ has a gentle scent of chlorine that can be associated with the odor of an outdoor swimming pool.

Can I add my own fragrances or essential oils to OXWELL™?

No. The HOCl will attack the additive, lowering the product’s efficacy against pathogens.

What is the technology used to make OXWELL™?

OXWELL™ is produced safely with an electro-technology derived from a patented process which transformed salt and water using electricity. This transformation creates a stable solution that respects the environment at each step of the production process and in its usage.

What is the E2mox™ Station?

The E2mox™ Station is a production unit that produces OXWELL™ onsite and on demand to meet the needs of office building, institutional settings and large industrial workplaces.

Why E2mox™ Station?

In a pandemic and post-pandemic world, the need to protect customers, co-workers and the public as a whole from pathogens such as the coronavirus is paramount to a safe, effective economy. The increased costs associated with meeting this need can be difficult for businesses already struggling with the impacts from the pandemic. E2mox™ Station offers building managers and business owners with the ability to produce a ready-to-use (RTU) cleaner to meet these needs, offering a pay-per-use business model ($/litre).

The E2mox™ Station at larger capacities can also provide distributors with a new means of automatically and safely producing a RTU cleaner “just-in-time”, with no additional manpower requirements, – minimizing handling, inventory, and lead time to market, while maximizing margins.

What is the Auxô™ Station?

The Auxô™ Station is a system that produces HOCl on-site for any type of industry (e.g. pharmaceutical, agricultural, etc.)

What is the difference between the Auxô™ Station and the E2mox™ Station?

The E2mox™ Station produces the disinfectant OXWELL™, and the Auxô™ Station produces an HOCl solution.