Auxô™ Station – On-site Chlorine Production

On-site production of free available chlorine to meet your agricultural needs – Canadian Technology and Manufacturer

Auxô™ Station produces free available chorine (FAC) solutions from water and salt using proprietary electrotechnology.

o Auxô™-K – 1000 - 4000ppm

FAC produced from potassium chloride solution

o Auxô™-Na- 1000 - 4000ppm

FAC produced from sodium chloride solution, pH-adjusted to 5-6 – hypochlorous acid

Adaptable formulations to meet your needs

Automated production, with remote access and monitoring « 24/7 ».

Easy-to-operate with tactile screen and on site training.

Rental and Pay-per-Use ($/L) Model – Very low investment required.

Benefit from rapid, local technical support as well as continuous updates to the Station and its platform.