In just a few years, cleaning and facility management have undergone big changes. The renewed focus on cleaning and disinfecting for health has raised standards, streamlining cleaning operations and increasing efficiencies are vital, and the ongoing quest to operate sustainably and with environmental responsibility continues. Marrying all these objectives together can be difficult for facility management and staff.

To combat the challenges posed by the pandemic and to leverage its proprietary electrotechnology, E2metrix launched OXWELL SOLUTIONS to supply a top-quality hypochlorous acid (HOCl) solution, OXWELLTM Multipurpose Disinfectant. 

The marvels of HOCl have been known by scientists for decades, but industries are only just waking up to the power of this agent to combat pathogens. OXWELL SOLUTIONS has created a technology platform to generate a readily available HOCl-based solution that can be delivered in bulk at a variety of concentrations or produced on-site with a unique, pay-per-use business model to avoid unnecessary transportation costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

The E2MOXTM STATION: A self-sustaining solution

Developed from a patented process and using HOCl as the active ingredient, OXWELLTM broad-spectrum, Health Canada-authorized disinfectant that kills bacteria and viruses on hard, non-porous surfaces.

While OXWELLTM disinfectant is available in pre-packaged form, OXWELL SOLUTIONS has also made its production capacity available to the market to support your expanding commercial activities, no matter the industry.
This innovative solution, the E2MOXTM STATION, is an on-site, on-demand OXWELLTM production system. The station, with its paradigm-shifting pay-per-use model, is easily usable by in-house facilities management team, staff, and employees as well as designated cleaning service providers and allows for both large-scale facility disinfection and individual employee workspace use. The on-site production offers you the chance to be self-sustainable in your disinfection process via numerous benefits including:

• Flexibility and automation – the E2MOXTM STATION allows more control and customization of disinfection processes and is readily available across all functions and areas, whether you’re operating a small individual building or a large industrial or institutional complex. The flexibility allows for increased frequency and spread of disinfection as needed. The automated production and remote monitoring mean the station can operate with minimal maintenance.
• Cost savings – installing the station on-site dramatically lowers disinfectant and environmental costs. Its innovative pay-per-use model requires little capital expenditure, and the disinfectant is made only with water, salt, and electricity. The ready-to-use disinfectant requires no mixing, dilution, special handling, or protective equipment.
Peace of mind – beyond meeting technical facilities disinfection needs, the Station facilitates employee engagement and provides a sense of well-being and comfort around the safety of personal and shared work areas. Just ask Parks Canada’s La Mauricie National Park in Quebec, which produces OXWELLTM on-site using the E2MOXTM STATION for widespread daily use in its 536km² park. Park staff and services employees report finding it very efficient and easy to use, without smell and with rapid drying on surfaces.

Producing this top-quality local product on-site means we will never wait for delivery again!”

OXWELLTM Multipurpose Disinfectant: Simple, effective, and secure

Produced by the E2MOXTM STATION, OXWELLTM Multipurpose Disinfectant is ideal for use in commercial, industrial, hospital, and domestic environments. It is non-irritant and 99.99 per cent effective against the human corona virus in 60 seconds and can be freely applied near people without vacating the area. Made from only water, salt, and electrotechnology, it does not tarnish or degrade surfaces, leaves no surface residue, and contains no dyes, fragrances, or additives. It’s a significant cost and time savings, too, with no mixing, measuring, or trained technicians needed to administer. OXWELL™ is available in 946 ml, 3.78 L, 18.9 L, 205 L and 1,000 L formats.

Ontario’s LiveActive Sports Medicine uses the pre-packaged disinfectant at its two locations between every patient and on all major touch points throughout the clinic. The disinfection is handled easily by all medical staff, who love its soft, anti-irritant nature and the fact it does not damage material of treatment tables, “something that has been hard to find during COVID”.
Overall, they describe it as the best disinfectant they have used throughout the pandemic.

 Meet your ESG goals with OXWELL SOLUTIONS 

As any facility owner or manager will know, meeting your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals can be difficult, particularly in the post-pandemic climate when resources are often stretched thin while the standards for disinfection keep rising. OXWELL SOLUTIONS can help you achieve these targets and build for a sustainable future with a cost-effective solution that fits neatly into your budget. 

It is increasingly important in today’s world to be concerned about what is actually in the products you are using. Disinfecting for health extends to your disinfectant itself.

OXWELLTM Multipurpose Disinfectant uses just salt, water, and electricity to create a stable solution that respects the environment at each step of the production process and in its usage. That’s it – there are no harmful additives or environmentally harmful byproducts. This is greener disinfection that is simple to understand and allows you to kill germs, not the environment. 

Installing the E2MOXTM STATION on-site and utilizing its pay-per-usage model offers clear benefits that lower both financial and environmental costs. Implementing the system allows you to keep up with changing health and sustainability benchmarks and quickly adapt without costly disruption to your existing protocols and workflow. 

OXWELL SOLUTIONS also offers facilities a system with the ability to produce HOCl on-site for several industries, such as pharmaceutical, food and beverage, agricultural, jan-san, real estate, schools, public transport, and many more. 

Ultimately, OXWELL™ and the E2MOXTM STATION are an ideal pairing to help project and expand your environmental commitments to and achievements in wellness and sustainability in a transparent and tangible way both internally and externally. 

ESG and sustainability processes and policies have become a more important priority than ever for staff, stakeholders, and customers. With OXWELL SOLUTIONS, you can meet these challenges head-on and safeguard the future of your facility and industry.